Arunachal Pradesh

Experience Bliss at the Land of the Dawn lit Mountains

This easternmost state is one of the most exciting places to conquer among the northeast states. Arunachal literally meant the 'land of the dawn lit mountains' and is a wonderful holiday getaway with amazing vistas and wonderful aesthetics. The gushing waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and the loping mountains, add more charm to this already beautiful place. It is probably one of the largest states in the whole of North East and is surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains.

Places to be around Arunachal Pradesh



Its rich history and immense beauty has been present from the colonial era and has been attracting tourists from all over. It's one of the scenic towns of Arunachal and is filled with green landscapes and surrounding green, making it one of the first cities under the Smart Cities Project.

Namdapha National Park

Arunachal is really a treat for the nature lovers needing sometime with nature and a way to find themself. It is one of the largest forests of the Eastern-Himalayan region. It has an amazing green cover with the back drop of Himalayan landscapes is a visual treat. The park has several species of flora and fauna which are a must visit.



It is a beautiful town which sets the tone right for your holiday, being a historical treat as well as a completely green kingdom. Its nestled along the Gudpi and Chong Chugmi ranges along the waters of the Tawang Chu River. It is also home to a beautiful monastery which is around 113 feet long and 80 feet wide.


Located at a height of astonishing 8000ft above sea level, it is an attractive summer vacation getaway in Arunachal Pradesh. Most family outing and holidays have this place included in their schedule. The views are lovely and so will be your time with your loved ones here.



If you want your vacation to have a bit of greenery as well as adventure than Ziro is a must included place. It is one of the most ideal places for trekking in the Arunachal Pradesh. It is home to the Apa Tani tribe and famous for its Pine Hills and rice fields.

Sela Pass

It is a mountain pass which enjoys an elevation of 13,700 feet. Snow covers this pass all year round and it remains open for the tourists during all seasons. This pass is considered sacred by Buddhists, and it is believed that there are 101 lakes around it.



One of the most significant places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh, Tezu is a hotspot for tourism in the state. Located amidst the scenic Mishmi Hills, this town has a lot on offer for tourists that include wildlife sanctuary, museum, botanical garden, and quaint villages.

Best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal is located at a high altitude, and so has pleasant weather throughout the year. The months of October and April are the best months to explore Arunachal Pradesh. During the summers (April to June) temperature might be too high to explore during the peak daytime hours. July to September is the monsoon season in the state when the terrain transforms into a beautiful green paradise, but many tourist attractions may be closed due to heavy rainfall.


The nearest airport would be Tezpur, in Assam which is approximately 260 km away from the capital. The Harmuti train station is the nearest to Itanagar and about 43 kilometer but connects it to most of the important locations around the country. Reaching Arunachal becomes easier. The roads are pretty smooth and the availability of govt. and private buses makes it convenient.