Madhya Pradesh

The Heart of India

Madhya Pradesh, popularly known as the "Heart of India" is located in the central India. This historical land share its borders with Chhattisgarh, Khajuraho temples, Mighty Forts, Exquisitely Carved Jain Temples, Palaces, that gloriously reminds us of the bygone era of the Rajas and Maharajas.The state has numerous beautiful wildlife parks.

Places to be around Madhya Pradesh

BHOPAL - the land of Begum's

BHOPAL - the land of Begum's

Bhopal also known as the 'City of Royals' has a long, important history. Between 1819 and 1926, it was ruled by the generation of Begums for over 100 years, who gave the city its waterworks, railways, a postal system, and a municipality. Between 1819 and 1926, it was ruled by the generation of Begums for over 100 years, who gave the city its waterworks, railways, a postal system, and a municipality. The four Queens, Qudsia Begum (1819-37), Sikander Begum (1844-68), Shah Jahan Begum (1868-1901), and Sultan Jahan Begum (1901-1926) were great reformists and patrons of education, art, culture and public works. They also built several great monuments, which still stand as testimonies to the city's celebrated past.

Bhopal is adorned by beautiful lakes and striking landscapes. Towards the north, you'll be welcomed by the old city that encompasses fascinating mosques, serpentine alleys, amazing food corners and buzzing chowks. On the other side of the upper lake is

KHAJURAHO - The Heritage Cluster of Temples

KHAJURAHO - The Heritage Cluster of Temples

Khajuraho is an ancient city known for magnificent temples and its intricate sculptures located in the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. Built in the medieval century by the Chandela Dynasty, the UNESCO site of 'Khajuraho Group of Monuments' is famous for its Nagara-Style architecture and graceful sculptures of nayikas and deities. The splendor of the intricate statues is one of the reasons that makes it a popular site to visit among tourists.

Built between 950-1050 AD by the Chandela Dynasty, these temples represent various forms like meditation, spiritual teachings, relationship, through stimulating art. The temples are famous for its craftsmanship that consist of splendid demonstrations of fine sculptures and exceptional architectural skill, making them one of the most stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. These temples are divided into three groups: Eastern, Western and Southern. 

Best time to visit Madhya Pradesh

The best time to visit Madhya Pradesh (MP) is from October to March when the temperatures are pleasant. The winter season in Madhya Pradesh is perfect for visiting wildlife sanctuaries, historical landmarks, river valleys, and ancient temples. Depending upon your personal choice and preferences a visit can be planned for Madhya Pradesh round the year. The climate of Madhya Pradesh is generally hot and dry due to its location in central India.



Madhya Pradesh is easily accessible from all corners of India. Its major cities enjoy a good connectivity by regular flights and long-distance trains with the rest of India. The state has five air terminals, numerous railway junctions, and an extensive network of National Highways. 

By Air: The state has five main airports with good connectivity. The Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport (IDR), located 8 km west of Indore, is the largest airport in Madhya Pradesh. Additionally, Raja Bhoj International Airport (BHO) in Bhopal, Dumna Airport (JLR) in Jabalpur, Gwalior Airport (GWL), and Khajuraho Airport (HJR) also have scheduled flights to major cities in India. 

By Train: Most of the major trains including Rajdhani, Shatabdi, and Garib Rath expresses pass through MP due to its central location. The state has over 4,948-km long rail network, with Jabalpur serving as the headquarters for the West Central Railway Zone.&a